Advanced technology now allows us to work from anywhere.  We no longer have to report to the main office to complete paperwork or to access internal systems.  Given the new responsibilities under the Improving Outcomes for Children, DHS employees who are participating in the Mobile Workforce Program have been issued technological equipment that will allow you to work remotely. Please review all policies related to the use of department-issued equipment under policy.


Your laptop has been configured to allow you access to all programs that you would need on your desktop. 

Air Card

The air card allows you to have internet access.  This is necessary when working remotely and you have a need to connect to the City systems.

Flash Drive (by request only)

Flash drives are password protected and must be used to store only work related documents.  It is preferred that documents be saved to your H or G drive on your laptop.  However, if you decide to use a flash drive, please note that using flash drives open the network up to viruses and loss of data.  Additionally, there is the risk of losing the flash drive resulting in the drive being hacked.  To reduce the risk of flash drives from viruses, you are restricted to using flash drives with only your City issued laptop or on a City desktop.


Your blackberry allows you to maintain regular contact by phone and email with your staff, colleagues and chain of command throughout the day.  Additionally, you can view and update your calendar. 


Printers have been issued to each Team Coordinator for the purpose of printing conferencing summaries to be distributed to families at the end of conference meetings. 


WebEx is a teleconference tool that makes it easy to stay connected and have meetings when you and other staff members who are in different locations.  Please visit WebEx's official website to sign up. 

Below are step by step instructions on how to work on your laptop:

Step One – Connect to the Internet Using your Air Card

  • Prior to turning computer on you should have connected the Air Card into the USB port
  • Go to the Home button (Looks like Windows Icon) and select all programs
  • Next select VZ access manager and once initialized select Connect to WWAN (will be a green button)
  • Minimize screen do not exit out to remain connected

Step Two- Connecting to the City Network

  • Connect to the City Network via Air Card
    •  Select the Internet Explorer Button and this will open up the internet page
  • Connect to DHS website @ https//
  • Sign in with your internet credentials
  • Click connect on the Native Applications
  • You should see you are now connected
  • Minimize screen and do not exit out to remain connected

 Mapping H Drive

  • Double click on the Map H Drive Icon. This will bring up a DOS command screen (black box).
  • Enter your login password (cursor does not move) and press the enter key. (Hint: This is the same password that you use to login at your desk)
  • Your H Drive is now available under My Computer.

Mapping G Drive

  • Double click on the Map G Drive Icon. This will bring up a DOS command screen (black box).
  • Enter your login password (cursor does not move) and press the enter key. (Hint: This is the same password that you use to login at your desk)
  • Your G Drive is now available under My Computer.

Connecting to Outlook Web Application (City's email system)

You can now access your email via a web browser using a computer or personal device.

  • The web address (or URL) to access your email is:
  • From DHS workstations and personal devices, you will need to log in by typing, city\firstname.lastname.  Your password is your internet password.

Facts (Legacy)

  • Double click on Icon that says prodlpar
  • Insert your Facts password like you would from your desktop

Facts 2

  • Double click on Facts 2 Icon
  • Insert your Facts 2 password like you would from your desktop

Printer Set-up

  • Connect printer to USB port
  • Before powering printer on be sure to leave space for printer door to open
  • Power printer on and door will open
  • Place paper in the top of machine
  • Go to home button on document (looks like Windows Icon) Select print
  • Power printer off before unplugging


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do Not download Google Chrome to laptop
  • Do Not place liquids on or near laptop
  • Do Not place laptop on your lap *This can cause overheating
  • Do Not place laptop in extreme temperatures
  • Sign out of City Network before browsing the internet (This will prevent others from accessing confidential information)
  • Always sign out of your City Network before shutting down computer (If you do not sign out you will get an error message stating that you are in session)
  • Safely remove Air Card and all other connections prior to closing laptop
  • Do Not use cleaning products to clean laptop screen
  • Do Not print copies for all parties with portable printer *Please make copies
  • Do Not update Silverlight *New updates cannot read ECMS files
  • Be sure to charge your laptop every night for full usage the next day


  • If laptop is not functioning properly try to restart/shut-down and re-boot
  • You can create shortcuts by going to home button and right clicking on the program that you want to shortcut and select send to desktop
  • Your computer Anti-Virus software should always remain updated.
  • Always plug electronics (laptop/printers) in when you are near a power outlet


If you are experiencing problems with your computer hardware and DHS provided software, please contact the support center as follows:

By Phone: (215) 686-8213  Monday through Friday 6 am to 6 pm

By Email:

 IT Services Provided by the Support Center IT Services NOT Provided by the Support Center 
  • Password issue and resets
  • Hardware break/fix issues
  • Printer issues
  • Network access and connectivity problems
  • Web access and connectivity problems
  • Application Support (FACTS, FACTS2, ECMS, DHS Connect)
  • Email issues
  • Telephone, Voice Mail, Blackberry issues
  • Toner replacement (black & white printers)
  • Moving or replacing furniture
  • Configuring non-DHS issued Hardware & Software
  • Repairing Scanners
  • Repairing Copiers
  • Repairing Fax Machines

 Requests for new hardware, software, or other DHS IT related services will require submitting an email request at 

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